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Community Assistance

SIFI does not provide trapping services, but we DO provide all the resources you need to improve the situation in your neighborhood!
If you are looking for our Community Resources page, please click one of the following:

TNR/Rescue Resources

Pet-Owner Resources


If you are contacting us to request trapping assistance, please read the following information very carefully.*

*If you are a TNR-certified caretaker in need of assistance with your project, please click HERE.


SIFI is not a business, nor is it a public service. We do not provide trapping services. We do not remove cats from property, nor do we take in cats from the general public. We DO provide all the resources you need to improve the situation in your neighborhood!


We do understand that there are those who are unable to help themselves. We do our best to provide elderly, disabled, or otherwise incapacitated individuals with TNR assistance. If this applies to you, please click HERE to complete an assistance request.


SIFI is currently the only TNR-focused organization on Staten Island. There are quite literally hundreds of colonies on SI, made up of thousands of feral cats, and we receive numerous emails every week about unfixed cat colonies...therefore we do have to limit our "full service" hands-on assistance to those who are physically unable to perform the tasks required for Trap-Neuter-Return. Our main function as an organization is to EMPOWER citizens with the training and tools to prevent the growth of their colonies, and to connect caretakers with other members of their community who are dealing with the same issues. Click HERE to find out how we can help you!


Many people who come to us for help offer to pay for trapping services. As much as we could use the funding there is, unfortunately, only so much time in the week. Money doesn’t create time. The few volunteers who are occasionally able to help the elderly and/or disabled caretakers on the island have ongoing waiting lists of individuals who actually need assistance. The best course of action is to take the workshop, get certified, and do your project as soon as you can…we’re always here for all the support and resources you’ll need…our current members can attest to that! Click HERE for further info on becoming TNR certified.


Many people also believe that they can and/or should, bring feral cats to a New York City-contracted shelter. THIS IS A MISTAKE…all CACC facilities (Animal Care and Control, the NYC City shelters, including the one on Veteran’s Rd here on SI), are KILL SHELTERS – this means that even friendly, adoptable cats are frequently euthanized for mild illness, behavior, and often simple lack of space…feral cats are not adoptable, and are mandated by NYS law to be held for only 72 hours, then killed. In other words, by taking them to the shelter you are essentially condemning them to death. Removing cats does not work - there is nowhere for them to go; and if there were, the empty space would be filled by new unfixed cats moving into the territory. Think affordable housing – one tenant moves out, another is waiting to move in. In scientific terms, this is referred to as "the vacuum effect."

Click HERE to read more about this phenomenon...




Responses to some assistance-related FAQ:

But they aren’t MY cats.

They aren’t anyone’s cats. The reality is that whether they were born feral or are former pets/housecats that were dumped by humans, you can’t assume someone else is going to step up and address the situation if they haven’t already. You obviously found us, so you’re already closer to a solution than you were a few minutes ago.


But they aren’t my cats…I’m just feeding them.

By feeding them, you are already affecting their lives…you’ve already established some sort of relationship to these cats (click HEREto read more on this subject.) Make your (and their) life easier and healthier by getting them fixed so that you can continue to care for them responsibly, and with much less stress. Come to a workshop! Get TNR-certified and you can borrow traps at no cost, and take advantage of many low-cost spay/neuter services right here on SI. Once the cats are fixed you won't worry about more and more mouths to feed. TNR saves lives, time and money!!


Could I just stop feeding them?

The truth is, the cats were there before you started feeding them (they just weren’t as visible) and they aren’t going to disappear if you stop. This is for several reasons. ClickHERE for a more detailed explanation.


If cats are there now, it is likely they have always been there and always will you might as well deal with it effectively now...WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!!